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Ron Wolin Militaria
Specializing in Original WWII Artifacts
About Me
A collector for over 35 years, Ron has a passion for Third Reich and US World War 2 original items.  His interest began as a small boy, when an uncle, who had been in the 82nd A/B divsion, gave him some German souvenirs.  This stirred his interest and he became an "accumulator."  During the following years he acquired items from other relatives and family friends.  At that time there was little published information regarding Third Reich militaria, and no medium to make contact with other individuals with a like interest.  As a result, after a few active years, his ardor waned.

A born Vermonter, Ron enlisted in the navy after high school, flying as a radioman/technician on board seaplanes.  During this period, his "collection" languished in boxes in a closet at his mother's home.  Discharged after his four year enlistment, he entered college.  A fellow student, a gun collector, invited Ron to join him at a gun show.  While there, Ron was delighted to find several dealers and collectors offering Third Reich memorabilia for sale.  The dormant collecting genes were awakened!

Upon graduation from Boston University, not only was Ron now a dedicated collector, he accepted a line officer's commission.  This lead to an interesting career and provided the opportunity to search for militaria throughout the world.  Ron had various duties aboard several types of ships and staffs with the most interesting and exciting tour as that of a skipper of a ten boat unit (PBR's) on the rivers of the Mekong Delta at the height of the Vietnam War.

Whether it is business or pleasure, Ron is always interested in learning and sharing knowledge with both the novice and the advanced collector.  Ron has a reputation for only dealing in guaranteed original items.  You can meet him at the Allentown, PA; Raleigh, NC; Richmond, and Chantilly, VA shows as well as the annual SOS and MAX Shows.  This web site is his new venue for offering both original Third Reich and U.S. militaria.